• HFM (104/111)
  • ME 1.0 (119/120)
  • ME 2.0/2.1 (104/111/112/113/119)
  • ME 2.7/2.8 (112/113/137)


Dallas bmw repair has a solution for your BMW DME damage.

We have developed a way to clone your DME to a used one, this way you dont have to spend a fortune for a new DME from the dealer. 
We can clone the next DME's
• Msv70, msv80, msv80.1 for the E60 and E90 chasis 
• Dme 9.2 for the E65, E66

• ELV bypass

  • ME 9.7 (272/273)
  • SIMM4 (271)
  • CDI (642/647/648

Our Guarantee, Always

Dallas bmw repair  also offers unlock services for Mercedes Benz modules 
Engine, transmission, ISM 

Dallas BMW Repair